This MCQ course is designed to help candidates to revise within a short period. The course covers all aspects of the syllabus, focusing on the crucial points for the exam. 


REET stands for Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teacher. It is a state-level exam conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER). This exam is conducted to fill posts of Level I (or Primary )Teachers and Level II (or Upper Primary )Teachers. The exam is conducted in one phase, i.e., the written exam. Candidates are appointed based on the marks scored in the exam.


This MCQ course is designed to help candidates to revise within a short period. The course covers all aspects of the syllabus, focusing on the crucial points for the exam. 


img Facility of E-Notes

The students will get E-Notes which they can highlight, make their own notes in it, and can also search any facts on Google.

img Smart E-Books

Smart E-books are provided to the students, which are up-to-date with the trends of the exam and covers the entire curriculum comprehensively .

img Live Quiz

The students will get Live quizzes based on the topic taught in the class which will help them revise the topics thoroughly and know which segments they are weak in.

img Video Lectures

The students will get Video Lectures by subject specialists with a pre-set schedule for the forthcoming classes so that they can make their study-plan in like manner.

img Video Solution of Live Quiz

Subject experts will provide solutions for every quiz so that the aspirants can precisely understand each topic from the curriculum.

img Class PDF

The students receive a Class PDF for quick revision in every class. This PDF consists of everything that a teacher writes on the 4K panel while teaching in class.




Student Friendly Language

The courses are taught in Hindi, but all the technical terms are elaborated in English so that students can properly understand everything precisely.

Audio Facility

Our Audio Lectures help the aspirants in operative revision with less mobile data consumption as compared to the video lectures anytime, anywhere.

Change Speed/Quality of Video

The quality of the video will be set to low, medium, or high automatically/manually as per the internet connectivity. Similarly, the students can increase the speed by 1.25x, 1.75x, and 2x and decrease the speed by 0.75x, 0.5x,0.25x.


  • How to highlight e-notes ?

    Follow the steps given below - 

    - Go to My Library and open the e- notes 

    -  Select the chapter from the chapter list.

    - Now select the e- notes option from the filter and select the topic you want to open.

    - Now You can read the e - notes along with that highlight the important content.To highlight it  hold on the line to be highlighted for 2 seconds .

    - After that you will be displayed with 3 options & select HIGHLIGHT option from it.

    - Now the line selected will be highlighted.

    -  If you wish to delete the highlight double click on the highlighted text then click no comment and follow by click on delete option.

  • Class PDF of each class

    PDF's are provided every day for each class which are handwritten by our experienced subject faculties on 4K panel which can be downloaded and printed for revision.

  • How to add other YouTube videos related (Web Links) to the topic in Utkarsh App?

    1.Go to My Library and Open the e- book.

    2. Select the chapter in which you wish to add related videos.

    3. Now click on + button at the bottom right of the screen to add the related videos.

    4. Now click on Add Related Videos and then select & open the video you wish to add in the app playlist. At the bottom right of the screen click in + button to Add Related Videos.

    5. Now the video has been added to your app play list.